Services – Consultancy

Consultancy Services

We provide services for environmental analysis and document preparation.

  • Permit strategy development and acquisition
  • Siting and routing studies
  • Mitigation planning and monitoring
  • Environmental management programme development
  • Compliance audits
  • Expert testimony

Our areas of expertise include

  • Environmental Analysis & Regulatory Compliance
  • Wastewater Engineering and Design
  • Water Resources
  • Planning
  • Air Resources Services
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Geotechnical Engineering


Our experience encompasses all aspects of Hazardous waste management ranging from process engineering and waste minimization to the design and implementation of protection/remediation programmes for air, soil, surface water and ground water resources.


Not being affiliated with any commercial treatment technologies, allows us to provide our clients with sound advice on available alternatives – Bioremediation, vacuum extraction, high & low temperature thermal processing, solidification, stabilization and emerging chemical & physical technologies. These are only some of the main alternatives for which we can provide complete project support from inception through design to implementation.